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Friday, March 19, 2010

woo what a day!

So this morning I woke up feeling a little sluggish.. but I got all my stuff done that I had to do and Gorgeous... what I call my bf.. (not sure if he wants his name up here so I'll refer to him as Gorgeous  lol cheesy I know, but still... if you meet the guy you'd think he was gorgeous too) :o) but anyways...  Gorgeous came over  and we hung out for a bit... and later on my endometriosis started to go crazy. It was probably one of the worst episodes I've ever had before. The pain was so bad that I literally fainted.  like crazy static vision and full on ringing in the ears. it took about a good solid 5 hours for it to stop throbbing.  And all I could do was ice it down and take a nap cuddled up next to Gorgeous.  I feel so bad sometimes when it happens and he's around, because he looks so helpless because there's absolutely nothing he can do to help. The only thing he can really do is sit there with me and talk to get my mind off the pain.  it's extremely sweet of him. I know I would be freaked out, but he's seen it happen a bunch of times now over the course of ... almost 3 years. although I say i wish he didn't have to see me like that, I really appreciate him staying there with me... otherwise i'd just lay there and cry and get mad for no reason but the fact that i'm in pain and I can't do anything about it.  This endo episode was long over due though... I haven't had a bad one in a while.... but then again that was when i was buying all the food for the house. now all there is in the house is crap food that I shouldn't be eating....   all it takes is one step off a diet and bam! you're floored with stabbing pains that feel like your inner parts are about to burst.  it's really dumb to bitch about it i know but it helps get it out of my head ... at least while I sit here icing my poor belly and writing hate mail to endo.  Sad... lol  I can't sleep though it hurts to lay on my side and it hurt to lay on my belly.... and i don't do back...  plus papa G is home for his weekend binge of wicked loud old school war movies... that resonate throughout my room into the wee hours of the morn. I wish Gorgeous was a night owl  like me that way i'd have someone to chill with at night.   I hope this new job works out then Gorgeous and I can get a place together and I won't have to deal with loud tv's and poor diet choices. maybe i'd actually be able to maintain my endo enough to the point of it not exploding at crazy times when i should be out hiking :o( 
stupid endometriosis... I don't like you ... not at all!

But my day did get a little better a little while ago, I received official word that the Project is totally a go and by April Fool's Day all 4 hats should be getting shipped out to CO :o)

Hats from t-shirt designs... what a awesome idea!
Oh and speaking of ideas... me and Gorgeous sketched out some sweet Mario themed hats so hopefully by next week you guys will be seeing some sweet Mario stuff.

ok going to sneak down stairs to see if papa G is sleeping so I can turn that stupid tv down and go to bed :o)

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