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Friday, February 26, 2010

Betty the Most Adorable Dead Baby Doll Hat You Ever Did See

Betty the Most Adorable Dead Baby Doll Hat You Ever Did SeeBetty the Most Adorable Dead Baby Doll Hat You Ever Did SeeBetty the Most Adorable Dead Baby Doll Hat You Ever Did See
Crafting in Color Etsy Team

This is my newest creation. Her name is Betty, and she is probably one of the cutest dead babies I've made so far.  

The ladies in Taunton's Stitch and Bitch on posted a link to this cool hat contest  on  so I decided to enter this hat into the contest.

.And if you want to see it on you can go here..Ravelry project: Betty the Most Adorable Dead Baby Doll Hat You Ever Did See

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So I know not a whole lot of people are remotely interested in my 

blog, but I don't care. But for the ones who do or want to in 
the future, Thank you!  :o)

I can never keep my mind on only one thing at a time... if there is an idea 
stuck in my head I have to get it out of there somehow.  So I craft
 my little heart out. whether it be drawing, crocheting, knitting, loom
 knitting, gardening, cooking, painting, building stuff, or you know...
Anything Fun... I will probably be caught doing one of them.                      

As for this week's update of stuff I've been working on Jon's Drunk Scarf, Eyes and finishing details for the baby Hippo, 2 Pandas, and Orange Kitty Hats, and trying to figure out how to use my new loom knitting toy, without it dropping stitches left and right... oh and I've been tending to my newest indoor plants, trying

to get them ready to be planted outdoors in the spring.  And I also re-organized all my hats so I could see them all better.
So this new Knitting Machine thing that I got.... *Sigh* So it works... kinda... but it is still faster then doing all those base hats by hand.  The concept it really cool actually. You have this big round contraption thing and you turn this crank on the side and these little hook things pop up and catch the yarn, pulling it down and making a knit stitch. while this going on, the rounded part on the inside spins so  the yarn can be lead along so the hooks can catch it. the only problem with this whole thing is that sometimes...or rather, most of the time... the hooks don't catch the yarn so it drops down it does make a completed stitch.  that creates these dropped stitches that are kind of a pain to get to on one of these contraptions. you move slow and steady and watch it like a hawk and you still drop stitches... it gets even more frustrating when while you're trying to fix a dropped stitch another one drops on the other side of the yarn lead.... the tutorials online say to use weights to make it less likely to drop stitches.... so i'll try that hopefully it works ... otherwise i wasted seventy bucks.

And here's my Window O' Hats  ... lol they're so cute... They remind me of stuffed animals, but useful... because they're hats lol. I've made so many hats for friends and family and complete strangers.... I love it.... just the feeling of someone being hilariously happy, but at the same time a chance for a piece of my artwork to go out into the world for others to see and enjoy.

<--- This right here is my favorite drawing of a Dead Baby.

Oh... And Just a question for anyone who does read my posts on here...

     Would you like to try one of my patterns?

So far I have "made" 2 Craft Patterns.  I call it "craft projects" because it's not just crocheting, there's going to be loom knitting, basic sewing, possible clay playing, wire twisting, and some more very basic sewing.  It may look intimating at first, but it's actually really easy to make one of my CrazyHatSociety Hats.    To request one of these Hat Patterns please feel free to contact me at:    In your subject line please include either   " Pug Hat "  or   " Clown Fish Hat " Otherwise I may think you're spam mail Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon ... feel free to comment below too! I'd love to hear what you guys think about my hats or even my patterns.... any advice, or even Hat suggestions ... they'd all be greatly appreciated. 

just a warning I am NOT a Professional Pattern Maker. the patterns I make are very basic.  I'm still learning how to make them ... but there are lots of photos with easy to read instructions, and If you ever need help I'm always available  via email.    :o)

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