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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Crazy Hat Society Book!

So lately I've been working on hats, many, many hats, as per usual, and something else too.  The something else is what has me all up in tangles right now.  I'm trying to write a book on how to make my crazy hats. Really I just want to make weird hats for the whole world, but unfortunately I think if I attempt that, my hands would probably fall off soon after lol. So to compromise with my craziness, and the many "you should write a book" statements that I've been getting, I've decided yes it's time to write it all down.  I'm so used to just figuring it all out in my head through trial and error. But this is a good idea.  This is a great way for people all over the world to join my Crazy Hat Society and for me to have a record of how to make all my shapes.

My idea of the Crazy Hat Society is a community of people who want to cheer other people up. For example: Say someone you know has been sick or just in a slump lately, and you really want to cheer them up. What do you do? One thing you could do is make them something special from the heart with your own hands.  What better way to say I care about you and I hope you feel better then something you specifically made just for them. What I want to create here, is a society that is built on love and laughter. One that will work together to make the world a better place, one hat at a time.  Other things I'd like to do within this group include, a great deal of contributing to charities and donating hats, scarves and other knit items to those who could really use them the most.  There are many, many families out there that simply don't have the ability to get their children warm winter wear, or even themselves any either. Also there are many people out there right now that suffer from sever illnesses that could use a little cheering up too.  So hopefully I can motivate people to try to help with these current issues by giving gifts of love. I've found that charity events are great to bring communities closer together.  The more charity and good will that goes out into the world the more good influence will take effect in later generations. I say lead by example. Set the standard high to help all those around you. Help them achieve what they need to make the world a better, happier place. As most of you know I make charity hats for Endangered Species. They help the World Wildlife Foundation get closer to their goals of conserving animals and their habitats around the globe.  With each one of these hats that I sell the WWF get $25 in donations, and endangered species all over the planet get the special care they need to survive in these harsh times. I would love to see more of this type of charity pop up to help save animals, or to help fight AIDS, or Cancer, Homelessness, Hunger, anything that you feel strongly about and that you think will benefit the greater good.  If you think it would help someone, it probably would, so why not do it.  Know someone who has been sad, make them a silly hat and watch their faces light up with laughter and a great big smile. It will make them feel great and you too, because you gave them that smile.

So with this book I hope to spread the gift of GIVING.  In the book I'll teach you how to make all the shapes you need to make anything you could ever want.  I'll show you how to break images down into basic shapes so you can create a crochet version of it. Also, there will be a few full patterns of my crazy hats and how to put them all together. Plus, ways for you to create your very own custom hats.  Full of colorful images and great project ideas.

It's very difficult though, I'm not really sure as to where to start. I'm not really the best writer. But as of right now I have a bunch of shape patterns made up and the basic break down of how to make one full hat.  I know it will take some time to complete, but I wish I knew how to go about getting everything done in a nice neat organized timely way.  So far with the help of a program called OneNote, I've been pretty successful about the organized part.  Now if only I paid more attention in my college writing classes.... lol. It's very hard for me to get all my "complete" thoughts down on paper. They usually come out in small spurts of very enthusiastic energy, followed by an hour or so of editing. I guess what I'm trying to figure out is what to do next. I have no idea what kind of situation I'm digging myself into, but hopefully it'll all work out and the book will be a success, and my message will be sent.

Wish me luck!

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Color Of Life

How to explain color to someone who has never been able to see it before.  How do you think you would explain it? What is this thing that breaths life into the air, this thing that can create a mood and emotion from a simple image freeze framed into our minds at a particular moment in time? This small thing that so many of us sadly take for granted. Their are many people and even other creatures out there right now that cannot see this magnificent illusion named color. Literally no visual hues or pigments, just black, white and the various shades of grays that come far and in between the two voids.  How would you even begin? The scientific facts of light fragments or would you start with the basics? Red is like blood, a fine wine, a deep romantic rose laying there in the candle light. Blue like the oceans and skies. Yellow and a baby chick, or a dandelion ripe with sunlight.  How do you explain this generalized analogy to something or someone who has never experienced  it for themselves? You could cross reference all the shades of gray that they see with what shade it would be on the color chart. But the only issue with that is the colors all have complimentary colors that share similar shades with each other.

This was just a question that popped into my head....  i'm not quite sure how to answer it yet. I'm mainly just curious, that's all it is. I thirst for new knowledge of how it works..... how this life is suppose to work. I understand everyone suffers, and that it is part of life it's how we learn. if we didn't make mistakes we wouldn't have discovered anything.  we would have just waited around for it to come to us.  we probably would have died off as a species if it weren't for an abnormal grow of brain mass in our frontal lobe where the initiative or will comes from. Without initiative or will nothing would survive... it wouldn't care either way.  We evolved to learn.  It is basic instincts to be curious. without the curiosity there would require no will.  so the two factors, will and curiosity, are what make us want to survive.... it is that thirst, greed, or want, or even hope and faith that helps us on our way.... its all the same thing no matter what you call it.  but if you want to do something... like really want it .... and try to your out most to get it ... like you actually have to try, no just wishing it will happen..... just going out and getting your hands dirty so you can sleep sound knowing you did this for yourself, because you believed in you, not some invisible god or deity or some flashy neighbors or some cute chick you want to impress.... you did it because you wanted it..... that is the pursuit of happiness.  do live you dream .... to live in harmony with the earth and those around them, not to fight amongst themselves and destroy the earth we walk on.....

I don't know I guess it's just rubbish... there are far too many people out there who just don't care, like they are so completely and hopelessly indifferent it's painful and sad to see. I read the news and it seems worse and worse.... more violent ways to harm a complete stranger are built everyday and can be sold to your children on the sidewalks of a busy city street by the friendliest little terrorist you've ever met... lies and bias irrational hearsay spread through corporate networks bleeding through television screens into the children's eyes and lungs, now they eat breath and shit the corporate's greed for all things fake.. little girls who should be playing are locked away for fear that someone will snatch her away little boys can't even trust their troop leaders or priests....    what the fuck is going on people?  why would hurt a child? there are people in this world that can't even have them and you're taking them and defiling them with your disgusting corroded fake ass form of moralistic justice. if you harm a child you should never be allowed to be part of human society again.  to be human is to protect your heir, that is life to propagate and to protect that offspring no matter what..... that is your future.  if you harm or damage a child you are damaging  the future no matter how small you may seem to think it would matter that is still one small piece to the great puzzle and if any pieces are damaged they won't fit as well and things will be harder on the whole of the group.  we need to learn to not damage each other or the things around us.  when we can do this i think it will be a better place for future generations to come.  

i'm tired and most of this probably doesn't make any sense ... but no worries it's not supposed to, i just wanted it out of my head for the night :o)