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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shy Guy from NINTENDO Mario Brothers Custom Hat

This is the first of my newest series of hats. This is Shy Guy he's a character from a video game call Mario Brothers by Nintendo.

These hat ideas started when I ask my bf what kind of hat I should make next .... he of course being an avid fan of video games said Mario. then he immediately showed me a photo of the Shy Guy character.  I recognized him right away and said "hell yeah I can make a Shy Guy! If I can make Optimus prime... I can make anything!"

So I set to work and over night all the parts were crocheted. As I started to pin the pieces together to form the hat I knew right away this hat was going to come out exactly how I wanted   :o)
Then today after I went out and enjoyed the beautiful weather, I came back inside to sew the Shy Guy up.  He actually didn't take very long to make but then again I'm an insomniac so night time goes by like day time... way too fast.

But anywho I really hope you like him!  More coming soon!!!
I'd love to know what you think of him so feel free to leave comments below :o)

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