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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Fun Hats That I find on Etsy

Wild Pink Wig Hat Beanie in 100 percent wool
Wild Pink Wig Hat Beanie in 100 percent woolBy: grrl+dog

This is awesome
I love the colors
that she makes 
all of her wig/hats

Rotten Teacher's Pet .. HEADPIECE

Rotten Teacher's Pet .. HEADPIECE
By hiGuys!

This hat is really cool
because it reminds 
me of when I was in 
middle school, and 
we all had to make 
these crazy hats out 
of whatever we wanted, 
but they had to explain 
a book that we read 
or something like that. 
But anyways it was fun, 
I'm not sure if they still 
do that activity there 
anymore.  But any who,
This hat reminded me of 

those crazy hats
... lol

Dinosaur Hat - orange-and-green

Dinosaur Hat - orange-and-greenBy Lolly-Tots

And Last but not least 
there is this hat/outfit lol

The hat is cute... but
The guy modelling the
hat is hilarious...  :o)

He even has a tail...
This guys rocks

But ummmm.... yeah these are the funny hats that I found while trolling around etsy for a good hour and a half lol.

Hope you enjoy!
Also One more thing.... I'm going to be putting a poll out sometime soon, on what the demand is for my hats... and if anyone would like to try out some patterns.....  I'll keep you updated :o)

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