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Thursday, October 15, 2009

World AIDS Day Hat are Finally Finished!!

I'm so happy I can now finally after two and a half
weeks of non-stop knitting and crocheting say that           
I'm officially done with all three hats.  It's been a
real challenge. All three hats racked my brain on
how to create them. And surprisingly enough the
hardest hat to make was the bunny! That nurse hat
was so fricken hard to make. I even stabbed my
poor index finger with the scissors trying to make
holes for the bunny ears to go through. But alas
they are all finished.                                              
Now I have to figure out how I'm going to get all
my christmas knitting and crocheting projects done.
Right now I'm working on a Vikings Helmet/Hat
for my Dad. He loves the football team "The Vikings"
so I figured that a vikings hat would be good for him.
after that I have to make a fox hat and a dolphine hat,
for my boyfriend's cousins. Also a bushy scarf with
red berries for my mom... that way when she wheres
 the skunk hat I made her for her birthday she can hide
 her head in the bush scarf and all you'll see if the
skunk in a bush.  I also have to make a humming bird
 hat for my Grandma L, and a shitzu hat for my
Grandma S.  not sure what to give my grandfathers
though. and i'll prolly wind up making a red scarf to
match the devil hat I gave to my brother for his birthday.
A cow hat for my god-son because he loves cows.
a scarf for lil Cody and something for my cousin Adam.

After I make all these I have to start making more hats
 for my etsy.... I wish people would just be like
"hey can you make me a pig or a lobster hat or something?"
If given direction I can make anything when given a good

So with that said ...
If anyone has any requests or even a suggestion of
something I could make... Feel free to tell me what you
want ... I'll make it... and I'll put it up in my etsy and you
can get it on there... or if your in Taunton, MA tell me and
I can just bring it to you.

So many Hats... So little time!
good thng today is a day off.. otherwise I think my hands
would fall off.
Happy knitting/crocheting!

~ The Crazy Hat Lady

P.S. Remember this date and Address if you are around
the area of Taunton That Day!

December 1st 2009 @ 5:00pm
Worlds AIDS Day / Silent Auction
Taunton City Hall
15 Summer Street
Taunton, Massachusetts

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