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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Slower days

Well earlier this week I think it was Sunday or Monday, whichever, and I received an email asking if I could make a hat and scarf set for them, that looked like one of my older hats the "Ferocious Bear" which I made for a young lady from the art forums of Penny Arcade. It's pretty good forum nice people who are extremely creative.  but any who,I received the request via Etsy's Alchemy section, and it was pretty cool I made the hat with a few extra things and got it done in about 2 days  posted and the customer bought it the next day after I had already gone to the post office.... But it will ship out on Monday. the other hat and scarf set that I sold was the Albert Einstein combo,   the one that was in popular science's online gift guide for Pi day....  I was kinda sad to see it go but meh, I can make a hat that looks like someone else.  then tonight/ this morning another purchase.... and this one even better then any of the others... don't get me wrong I fully appreciate it... but I sold one of my endangered species hats which means I get to donate half of the purchase to the World Wildlife Foundation.   It felt so good when I saw that one of those sold.  It means I get to keep making them and hoping that people have goodness in their hearts to try to do what they can to help the earth out just a little bit... That girl who bought my polar bear hat, not only was she supporting handmade like the other patrons did, she helped adopt a polar bear to help it nuturer it, and make sure that it survives.  I think I'm wicked happy right now that one of my plans for trying to help the world one hat at a time worked.   :o)

I can't wait to make more hats to replace the purchased ones....  right now I'm still working on that turkey hat he's almost done just needs eyes and feet.... also I'm almost done with my mom's Christmas present.

I've been very tired unfortunately and haven't been working as fast as usual but it is the weekend and that could explain some of this lack of will to do stuff and just relax... but that feels far too unproductive, but so far i have listened to at least 4 audio books now since i started just knitting in my room when everyone else is gone.  i sometimes wish i could go back in time so i can just sit and listen to the radio  for my entertainment and use my imagination to paint the pictures that it describes..  very old fashion in deed but still people then were less lazy and more able to do more then one thing at a time. i find that when knitting or whatever while listening to a story or the new is very relaxing to me.... i can sit in complete silence sometimes and crochet for hours without even noticing that the music or noise had stopped.  i guess i'm what you might call strange... in a word.   ... i don't know... i'm tired now so ... i guess it's sleep or me being awake for 2-3 more hours making more crocheted leaves for the scarf.  ok good night

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